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Pancreatic Cancer Aware Resources for Healthcare Professionals

In addition to our online training, we can also offer:

Healthcare professional Packs.

Diagnosis Guidelines

Pancreatic Cancer Aware healthcare professional packs for your practice, which includes a leaflet, flag pen, pad and we have developed a diagnostic guide for GP’s.

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Pancreatic Cancer Aware session for you and your practice staff

resourcesWe can visit your GP practice to offer an interactive ‘Are you Pancreatic Cancer Aware?' session for you and your practice staff. 

Please contact Pancreatic Cancer Action who will help you to arrange it.


Other Resources

Pancreatic Cancer Action recognises the importance of supporting health professionals who may work with pancreatic cancer.

We can provide materials such as symptom leaflets, symptom posters, risk factor leaflets, and symptom diaries. We are also happy to provide awareness sessions to teams of health professionals; GPs, nurses, occupational health nurses, and students, to update them on early detection of the disease.

We also have a range of patient information booklets to support patients in your care.

Contact us on 0303 040 1770 or email  to order.

We have developed a downloadable diagnostic guide for GP’s. 


External Resources

Below are key documents, including commissioning policies and guidance, that provide the latest information on best practice in diagnosing and treating pancreatic cancer.

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