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Pancreatic Cancer Key Facts

  • In 2014, 9614 people were newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer4 and 8,834 people died from pancreatic cancer in the UK5.
  • Pancreatic cancer has one of the highest incident-to-mortality ratio for any disease.
  • Pancreatic cancer affects men and women equally.
  • 35% of patients are under the age of 65.
  • The majority of pancreatic cancer patients experience a delay in diagnosis with nearly half of patients presenting as emergencies.
  • Only 12% of patients are diagnosed through the two-week referral system (NCIN Routes to Diagnosis report, 2014.)
  • Painless jaundice and/or new onset dyspepsia not responding to proton pump inhibitors demand an urgent diagnosis at any age.
  • Most pancreatic cancer patients require a contrast-enhanced CT scan for diagnosis.

Every hour one person dies of Pancreatic Cancer. Be Pancreatic Cancer Aware.

One person dies of pancreatic cancer every hour

Every day 26 people are diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. #PancreaticCancerAware

Twenty six people are newly diagnosed with the disease each day

Only 5% of patients with pancreatic cancer survive more than 5 years.

Currently only five percent of those diagnosed survive beyond five years

Men and women are affected by pancreatic cancer equally.

Pancreatic cancer affects men and women equally

Only 3% of cancer research funding goes towards Pancreatic Cancer.

Receives only 3% of cancer research funding

40% of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are under 69.

Of patients diagnosed are under the age of 69

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